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Induction Qualification Information

National Junior Honor Society is a prestigious organization that recognizes middle school students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  Membership in National Junior Honor Society is a privilege.  The Honor Society member exhibits excellence in academics and leadership, displays honorable and admirable character, and demonstrates a commitment to service and good citizenship-all of which indicates that the member is willing to use personal talents and skills for the improvement of both self and society.

To be considered for National Junior Honor Society Induction in May, the following requirements must be met during the school year. 

1.      Scholarship- During the first 3 nine week periods, you must have a 2.5 or better standards-based average for each class listed on your report card.  Keep up your grades!  You’re responsible for your own learning, re-do any work in areas you fall below in.

2.      Citizenship/Leadership- You must be an active member in at least TWO school activities outside of the school day.


1.      The activity must be sponsored by Reeds Spring Middle School.

2.      The activity can be a club or sport.

3.      Clubs-You must be an active member and attend meetings and activities regularly throughout the school year.

4.      Sports-You must complete the season.  You may be a team member or a sport manager.

5.      Band and Choir can count if you participate in activities outside of the school day. (Contests or Concerts)

3.       Service-  (School and Community)  You must have at least 15 hours of volunteer service, with at least 5 hours of it being school service here at RSMS and at least 5 hours in the community.  (Service in other Reeds Spring School Buildings can count as school service or community service.)  (A total of 20 hours are needed to qualify.)  You will have a yellow Log Sheet that is just for the volunteer hours here at RSMS and a green Log Sheet that is just for Community Service hours.  No one project can count for more than 5 hours.  You will be required to turn in the yellow and green log sheets to be considered for induction into NJHS. 

4.      Character/Citizenship- You must receive recommendations from each of your teachers in April.  Teachers will be evaluating your class participation, behaviors, responsibilities, etc.  Principals will also be evaluating your behaviors.  MIRs, ODRs, or excessive tardiness does not show outstanding character!

 Information to assist you in earning your National Junior Honor Society Induction Status:

Scholarship:  Keep up with your grades.  It is your responsibility to know where you stand at all times and track your learning.  Remember, that you can re-do work to show your learning.  It’s your responsibility to ask your teacher for re-dos and ways to prove your mastery.  Don’t wait until the end of the 9 weeks! 

Citizenship/Leadership:  There are many clubs and sports that you can get involved in here at RSMS.  Listen for announcements at the beginning of the year to join clubs.  School sports are throughout our school year.  Listen for announcements to be able to participate. 


School Service- Watch your email and listen to the announcements!  Very often, there will be opportunities for volunteers to help around the school.  The announcements will always tell you who to see for more information.  These projects count a school service.  Examples, set-up/clean-up for dances, working during open house or step-up night, working on club projects after school hours, working sporting events, helping with summer school, etc. Check with your teachers.  Ask if you can come in before or after school to help clean, file, etc. for school service hours.  (Volunteering for other RS schools can be counted either way, school or community service, which ever you need most.)

Community Service- This would include activities in which you perform a community service for others without pay.  (An example is volunteering in your church, going to a nursing home, raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, working activities at other RS schools, etc.)  Listen for announcements!  Community opportunities are often announced,emailed, and listed on this website in the Calendar.  Listen for whom to see for more information. 

Character/Citizenship: Show good character at all times inside and outside the school.  Teachers and administrators will be evaluating you in this area.


·         It is your responsibility to track this throughout the school year and obtain appropriate signatures of verification. 

·         All community and school service hours that you perform MUST be recorded on the correct “Log Sheet.”  Also, FIVE of your hours MUST BE SCHOOL SERVICE, and No project or activity will count for more than five hours, even if you serve longer.

·         When in doubt, ASK.  If you are unsure if something will count, ask Mrs. Howard early in the school year.  Don’t wait and be short on hours.