Character Students Recognized


Every month, Reeds Spring Middle School teaches students about one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Staff members then nominate students to be recognized if they demonstrated that month’s habit. September’s habit was Be Proactive. Here are the RSMS Character Students for September.

picture of character students

Front Row: Landon Munhollon, Austin Anderson, Matthew Maher, Sam Carpenter, Connor Love, Max Hirschi, Noah Mitchell, Shane Pearson, Kenleigh Weaver, Monroe Haden, Mylah Hogan, Jeremiah Holt, Sydney Eby, Isabella Yartz

Back Row: Matthew Burgtorf, Aidan Broomfield, Elliana Gibson, Ava Sammons, Jayden Turner, Braiden Langston, Calvin Waters, Etney Davis, Branden Wilson, Jypsie Atchison, Gracee Parrish, Thomas McGuane, Jaeydin Rozean, Landon Hafar

Not pictured: Jacob Coulter, Jordan Mayfield, Nicholas Morris

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