RSMS Character Students Recognized

Every month, Reeds Spring Middle School teaches students about one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, based on a book by Sean Covey.

Staff members then nominate students to be recognized if they demonstrated that month’s habit. December’s habit was Think Win-Win. These students want everyone to be successful. They do nice things for others and when there’s conflict, they help to find a solution.

7th grade character students

7th Grade (L to R): Jesse Foster, Timothy Torske, Crighton Jett, Gavin Houghton, Caleigh Hogan, Peyton Spragg, Micheal Baldwin, Kylie Fitzwater

Not Pictured: AJ Johnson, Reese Schuller, Kaden Colman

8th grade character students

8th Grade (L to R): Ciera Davis, Josh Geuder, Addison Crane, Alana Stephens, Hannah Jeter, Teagan Sage, Adelle Barr, Hannah Witt

Not Pictured: Miranda Stallard

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