RSMS Character Students Recognized



Every month, Reeds Spring Middle School teaches students about one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, based on a book by Sean Covey.


Staff members then nominate students to be recognized if they demonstrated that month’s habit. This month’s habit was Sharpen the Saw. These students take time to care for their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. 

character students

Top Row (L to R) - Elliot Davis, Aiden Roe-Jensen, Kevin Mendoza, Khiara Walker

Bottom Row (L to R) - Desirae Hulse, Jaxon Gregg, Dakota Dooley, Ava Temple, Courtney Kidwell

Not Pictured - Hope Osborne, Mackenzie Wood, Symphany Andrews, Malia Trosclair, Brock Fisher, Chloe Gentry

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