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Eligibility Requirements

The Reeds Spring School District is a member of the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). MSHSAA’s eligibility requirements have been voted on by the member schools throughout the state and were adopted by our school when we became a MSHSAA member. Please review MSHSAA's eligibility information/requirements as well as our Reeds Spring Middle School eligibility information/requirements .

MSHSAA Eligibility Information:
MSHSAA Eligibility Information can be found by clicking on the link below or click the link at the bottom of the page under "files". 
Reeds Spring Middle School Athletic Eligibility Information: 
It is the philosophy of the Reeds Spring Public School system that a quality program of interscholastic athletics shall be conducted as an integral part of the learning program of the district. As many activities as possible will be offered at as many different skill levels as personnel, both adult and student, and facilities will permit. Objectives of the athletic program include the opportunity for students to: 
  1. Develop the ability to think both as an individual and as a member of a group 
  2. Develop self-discipline and emotional maturity 
  3. Develop social competence
  4. Learn the value of conforming to rules 
  5. Learn respect for the rights of others and for authority
  6. Gain recognition and prestige 
 Students are responsible for issued equipment. They will pay for abuse and destruction of any school equipment. They are financially responsible for all equipment or uniform issued by the school that is not properly returned. Payment or return of gear must be made before a student participates in another sport or activity. Uniforms and practice gear are expected to be worn only for the purposes for which they have been issued. 

Physical Exam:
All students who participate in interscholastic athletics or cheerleading must have an annual physical examination by a physician. The results must be recorded on a form provided by the school district. This form must be signed by a physician, student, and parent in the appropriate spaces provided. Students may not check out equipment, practice, or play until the completed form is turned in to the coach/sponsor.

The student must show proof of insurance coverage, family policy, or student policy which can be purchased through the school. Forms for student insurance will be available from the coaches or from the school office. The school does not cover incidents that occur during extra-curricular activities

Team members are expected to travel as a group on school district vehicles. The coach must approve any change in transportation either in person or in writing before or during the event. 

Activity Grade Policy: 
Students in grades 7th and 8th who participate in any interscholastic activity must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 based on the 4.0 standards-based proficiency scale. Interscholastic activities are defined as any extracurricular activity with another school. First quarter eligibility for 8th grade students will be based on the previous year’s 4th quarter grades. (This initial requirement, based on the previous year’s 4th quarter grades, will be waived for 7th grade students.) Students who fall below the 2.0 GPA at the end of a grading period will be enrolled in intervention time to receive assistance and special help to improve his/her grades. Such students will be able to participate in activities during this time. If the student has not achieved a 2.0 GPA by the next grade reporting period, the student will then be ineligible to participate in school-sponsored activities until the next grading period. Students who have met the 2.0 GPA requirements at this point become eligible to participate. This policy applies to all activities in which a competition shall take place.

Eligibility Standards Reeds Spring Middle School students who participate in athletics must meet both Missouri State Activities Association and District policies. 
  1. Student must be a credible middle school citizen. 
  2. Student must be enrolled in a full load of courses. 
  3. Student must have been promoted to a higher grade prior to the first day of classes for the new school year. However, even though you may have been promoted, you will be ineligible if you failed more than two courses the previous semester. 
  4. Academic work earned or completed after the close of the semester will not meet the academic requirement. Summer school work may be used to have eligibility reinstated utilizing only core subject courses, and no more than four classes may be used. 
  5. During activity season, the student represents his/her school by competing in an interscholastic activity contest. He/she cannot compete in a non-school competition on that same event. 
  6. Student may not practice or compete in a non-school competition on the same date he/she practices or competes for the school. 
  7. A student will remain eligible so long as he/she does not commit an act that might be interpreted as unsportsmanlike conduct while playing or attending a middle school activity. 
  8. A student must maintain an appropriate grade point average based on the school’s grading system . (See Activity Grade Policy for more detail) 
  9. Student shall not attend a specialized athletic camp for more than two calendar weeks with instruction by the school’s coaches. This does not include sports camps held during the summer. 
  10. In order to participate on or against teams made up of only 7th graders one may not have reached 14 years of age prior to July 1 st preceding the opening of school. For 8th graders, one must not have reached 15 years of age prior to July 1st preceding the opening of school. Students are eligible for only the first two semesters of attendance in 7th or in 8th grade.
  11. The use of alcohol or other drugs by an athlete during the sports season will result in the suspension of the athlete from the team. Departure from Activities Everyone’s time is valuable and students will not be left unsupervised; therefore, parents or guardians should arrange to pick up students immediately following a school activity. A prearranged time for being picked up is necessary. The school office can be helpful in estimating the end of an event or expected time of arrival. Please do not have students wait to arrive at school before calling for their ride home. Students should not plan on staying for a game or other activity without having plans for a way home. Coaches tell participants in advance expected times events should be over. The phone should only be used for emergency situations