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News Media is an independent projects based media class taught by Mrs. Plaster. In News Media there are different options for the students to do. You have the option of doing the PA announcements when school starts and the News Cast Announcements, making websites, and writing/helping with the school newspaper, Wolf News. Some students are even responsible for submitting school news to the Stone County Gazette and Crane Newspaper. At the end of the year, News Media students make the year-end DVD, which is an overview of the school year in pictures, video, and music. News Media students also competed in the 2nd Annual Technology Fair held at Reeds Spring High School.

The media school media class visited and toured KY3.

No matter what you choose to do in News Media, you will be working with computers; presentation, publication, and editing software; and probably some other form of video or digital technology . The people in News Media work really hard to keep the schools updated with upcoming events and happenings. These students include:

(8th grade)

. (Newspaper Layout/Stories/Websites)
. (PA Announcements/Both Newspapers/Websites)
. (Newspaper Stories/Websites)
. (Newspaper Stories/Websites)
. (Newspaper Illustrator/School Websites)
. (Newspaper Stories/School Websites)
(7th Grade)

.(PA Announcements/Local Newspapers/Websites)
. (Photo Sorter/Newspaper Stories/Websites)
. (Tech Dude-Editing & Filming/Websites)