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“The things I learned from my experience in music in school are discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure, courage and pride in results. . . Not a bad preparation for the workforce!”

- Gregory Anrig – President, Educational Testing Service


My 1:1 Pedagogy Statement
I believe that the combination of endless information found through technology and the many skills required to perform music allows students to have the keys to being successful in any and all aspect of their life. Technology allows me to enhance my main purpose of teaching:  
To help students develop into successful contributors of society, I simply use music as a means of doing this.

   We, the band department, will provide daily opportunities for our band students to use their devices to self assess their own playing and to model the digital musical resources we have provided on our website and through other channels. We will provide and immerse them in the multitude of tools available (e.g. tuners, metronomes, recordings) and be certain that they make using such tools a part of their daily regimen as musicians.

   All band students will use their devices daily to practice and submit performances of sections of the music we are working on at that time. They will have their devices close at hand throughout rehearsal in order to check intonation, tempos, stylistic considerations, etc.  Students will also seek out other human resources on the web to critique and enhance their performance. 
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"Perhaps we´ve all misunderstood the reason we learn music, and all the arts in the first place. It is not only so a student can learn the clarinet, or another student can take an acting lesson. It is that for hundreds of years it has been known that teaching the arts, along with history and math and biology, helps create the well-rounded mind that western civilization, and America, have been grounded on."   Richard Dreyfuss, actor