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Welcome to Reeds Spring Middle School's Guidance and Counseling Department. This is my 15th year as the Middle School counselor. I really enjoy working with middle school students and look forward to getting to know your child. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Guidance Curriculum

The counselor oversees curriculum that support this goal. This curriculum includes topics related to social and emotional development, academic development, and career development.

Individual Planning

The counselor helps students with individual schedules, goal setting and academic growth. The counselor administers tests that measure cognitive ability to students referred for gifted or special education services. The counselor is also able to interpret cognitive and achievement testing results. The counselor also serves on a team of educators called the Support Team. This team meets the individual needs of students by developing strategies that promote student success. Attending special education meetings or parent/teacher conferences is another way the counselor can assist in a student’s personal and educational planning.

Responsive Services

The counselor helps students with emotional and social growth through individual and small group counseling. Students may refer themselves or they may be referred by a parent or teacher. Referrals are made to outside agencies when needed.

System Support

The counselor manages the counseling program and enhances it through public relations, staff support, coordination of special activities and programs, and by participating in professional development.

Counselor: Mrs. Stephanie Roe
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