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100% Club

In an effort to recognize positive actions and choices, as well as academic responsibility, students have the opportunity to participate in the RSMS 100% Club incentive. Following the end of each quarter, students who quality may participate in a special field trip. In order to qualify, students must turn in 100% of their classroom assignments (the quality of work must be acceptable and meet RSMS standards). Students who have received in-school detention or an out-of-school suspension during the quarter will not be eligible. Students must have all seven of their teachers sign the appropriate form.
The trip will cost approximately $10.00. Funds will be available if students are in need of financial assistance.

1) Students must turn in 100% of assigned work. This includes having no unexcused dress days in PE, all projects completed in exploratory classes, and turning in practice times and attending performances for band.
2) Quality of work must meet RSMS standards.
3) The signed form and money are the responsibility of the student and must be turned in on time.