Derik Hobbs » Welcome to Mr. Hobbs Science Class!

Welcome to Mr. Hobbs Science Class!

What an exciting time it is in education! My name is Derik Hobbs and I am a 7th & 8th grade science teacher here at Reeds Spring Middle School. Looking forward to a great year of learning, exploring, and academic success with your student!

Teaching science has been a very rewarding experience for me. It has provided me with the opportunity to help students develop confidence in their ability to learn science as well as grow and develop as a teacher myself. As a science teacher educator, I aim to develop students’ understanding of scientific inquiry, helping them visualize science as a process of asking questions about phenomena, conducting investigations to answer those questions, and building explanations based on evidence. I also aim to develop their enthusiasm for learning and promote a deep understanding of science.

To help my students achieve these learning goals, I use a variety of pedagogical methods grounded in my beliefs about teaching and learning. Students do not come into our classrooms as blank slates; rather, they have a range of ideas that shape how they make sense of new information and construct new knowledge. Therefore, I uncover my students’ prior knowledge in order to help them become cognizant of their own ideas, and in turn, build upon and refine them during the learning process.

I use a variety of small- and large-group discussion formats, including think-pair-share activities, jigsaw groups, fishbowl, and concentric circles. These discussions hold students accountable for developing their own ideas about the topics and enable them to share their views with others, promoting a diversity of perspectives. These interactions can also challenge students’ thinking and prompt them to consider new ideas and concepts when making sense of experiences and constructing their own knowledge. I also encourage students to respond to one another’s ideas rather than responding directly to me and display and encourage respect for all students’ ideas. These strategies help foster a community of learners. Finally, I know I still have much to learn about what it means to be an effective science teacher educator. To continue to grow as a teacher myself, I participate in ongoing assessment of my own teaching in my science classes.

You must have the right tools to do any job right. I believe that technology supplies us with the necessary tools to build student achievement and success. I believe that the student laptops are essential for preparing our students for lifelong success. As a teacher, I will utilize our 1 to 1 resources to enhance student learning and achievement through a variety of online labs, experiments, demonstrations, articles, and visual aids as well as many others. Through using our 1 to 1 resources effectively, students will be actively involved in their own learning processes as well as engaged in all classes.